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On-demand temperature monitoring & supply chain visibility solution for pharmaceutical distribution


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Omnitrax puts you in control of your time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical shipments with purposefully built IOT device, cloud data analytics, and automation - providing reliable monitoring and response thereby bringing visibility to your supply chain and mitigate logistics challenges & risks.

  • Omnitrax provides wire-less, hassle-free, and cost competitive IOT tracking device/GPS tracker that can be tagged to your package or shipment to track live location and monitor temperature data in real time.
  • Omnitax platform will combine live data with automation and AI-enabled predictive analytics to highlight actionaable insights and guarantee a quick and effective resolution for incidents in-transit.

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Fast Track & Informed Decision Making

Recive live alerts to reduce response time, improve decisions making and be pro-active in making deliveries on time, in full.

Live Conditions

Omnitrax tracks live location, environmental condition, and handling of pharmaceutical shipments across any storage facility, carrier, or mode of transport, any part of the world.

Delivery Compliance

Omnitrax records shipping processes, storage conditions, shipping routes, and chain of custody through verifiable data and automated ePOD.

Reduce Risks

Guarantee that pharmaceutical shipments meet stringent quality standards & predict accurate delivery timelines.

Live MKT

Gauge the impact of temperature excursions on the go with live data on temperature, shipping conditions, and handling via the web; no other hardware, software, or analysis needed.

Product Safety

Generate automated tamper-proof audit trails to verify procedural compliance, product safety, product authenticity, and stakeholder liabilities.

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